Terms And Conditions
  1. By registering and playing on this website you agree with the Terms and Conditions.
  2. It is player's responsibility to maintain internet connection during the play, Braingain will not be responsible for loss of quiz time or any such activity arising due to internet connectivity.
  3. Braingain may charge a handling fee for players if deemed necessary.
  4. Braingain reserves the right to withhold payment to any player pending verification, all details provided at time of registration or thereafter must be true. We reserve the right to run checks with third party agencies using the information you provide us on registration.
  5. Braingain makes every effort to ensure no error or issues occur on website during play, however Braingain reserves the right to void winnings from such quizzes.
  6. Braingain reserves the right to cancel your account any time without notice. Account may be cancelled in following situations -
    • if you have more than 1 active account
    • if you provide incorrect registration details
    • if you are found cheating or if determined by the company that you made use of any system to defeat the website
    • if you use website for fraudulent activity
  7. Braingain reserve the right to use your details for promotional and advertising offers if you win prizes.
  8. If you have any dispute regarding the quiz or any answer you think correct marked wrong by website, you must inform within 3 days of quiz played, wrong answers on server will be considered, in case of time related issues results found on Braingain's server will be the final results.
  9. Player will be solely responsible for any taxes on prizes/winnings.
  10. Player will be solely responsible for any purchases or losses occur on his account, authentication credentials must not be shared with anyone.
  11. If player is found to defraud the website or any such activity to hack website, Braingain reserves the right to distribute playeri's identity with email to other gaming companies and banks.
  12. Braingain may amend changes to terms and conditions any time without any notice, players are requested to read terms and conditions before playing.
  13. In case there are more than 1 winner, winner will be selected randomly.
  14. Once the player has paid for quiz, refund cannot be made unless payment processing error has resulted in overcharging/any other system error.